Alternative Medicine

The Land of Smiles has always been a strong market for medical tourism in Asia. The relatively low cost of treatment, high standard of care, and idyllic environments to rest and recover in – there’s a lot to like about Thailand when it comes to travelling for medical needs. In a growing trend, people are now looking towards this country as a place for wellness and wellbeing retreats. According to Thailand Business News, the Wellness Tourism market is becoming a “star” in the local tourism sector with an annual growth rate of 7%.
Resorts and locations dedicated to wellness offer nutritional and recreational options that are geared towards improving your health and wellbeing; think of yoga classes, meditation sessions, Chia seed smoothies and fruit buffets for breakfast. In Thailand, operators such as resorts and fitness camps are catching on to a growing global appetite for healthy holidays. Wellness tourism presents the best way to draw consumers in from abroad, and keep them coming back. Considering the increasingly hectic lives people live day-to-day, faces stuck in front of screens, and worn down bodies crammed into public transport, an annual trip to a stunning and peaceful location can seem like the perfect way to recharge those batteries.