General Guidance on Medical Value Travel to Thailand – Arrangement with Hospitals

  1. Initiation stage
  • Choose one or a few facilities which you would like to check out.
  • See the facilities whose details are provided in this website. Use the web link given, examine the
    hospital website too for any further information
  • Contact the hospital and ask for the international patient department. Or drop an e-mail, the contact info can be taken from this site or direct from hospital’s website
  • Discuss with the executive more about the hospital and get to know the facility,their prior experience in handling similar cases
  • Ask for information they would require to suggest a suitable medical advice which would usually be any one or more of the following:
Reports at pre-admission stage
  • Present complaints / ailment, whether any chronic ailment like diabetes, hypertension
  • Brief or detailed medical history depending on ailment
  • Prior examination reports from doctors
  • The doctor who consulted you
  • Discharge summary if patient underwent a procedure / surgery / hospital admission
  • Details of medicines taken or taking now
  • Record of Investigations – Blood tests, CT Scan, Ultra sound, MRI, PET CT, Echo, ECG, Angiogram, histopathology / biopsy reports etc.
  • Known allergies
  • Necessary vaccinations, as required, by the authorities
  • Referral letter from your doctor / specialist


  • A telephone or video based consultation with the doctor / specialist
  • Final medical advice for your condition
  • The procedures/surgeries to be performed. Key doctors who would consult you
  • The estimated length of stay (based on pre-admission tests, hospital admission, recovery and post discharge consultations in Malaysia)
  • Cuisines available
  • Language interpreters availability and costs
  • Facility for stay for relatives/attendants within hospital. Any arrangement with hotels
  • Total costs – basis procedural/surgical costs, in-hospital stay for patient and attendant, consumables/implants/medications, consultant charges, all tests, reviews post discharge etc.
  • Acceptable mode of payment
  • Acceptance of your health insurance if any
  • Assistance for medical visa – invitation letter to Thai embassy in your country
  • Assistance by hospital if provided – for any registration of overseas patient’s, extension of visas
  • An e-mail or fax confirmation of details

B Confirmation Stage

Once you decided on the hospital, they would need the following information for further processing and making arrangements for your visit, consultations and surgery

1. Contact Details – Patient & Attender/s
  • Address and Contact Details in home country (Full postal address, landline telephone number, mobile number, e-mail)
  • Contact Information of attendants or relatives who accompany (Full postal address, landline telephone number, mobile number, e-mail)
  • Passport and Visa copy – as residential / identify proof and to get travel confirmation
2. Accommodation Needs
  • Room category requirement
  • Languages comfortable, need for a language translator
  • Diet requirements
  • Religious needs, if any
  • Number of accompanying attendants and their accommodation requirements
  • Interest in sightseeing / travel
3. Travel and Visa details
  • For VISA invite letter – Passport No., Name, Passport Issue and Expiry date, Country
  • Passport and Visa of patient and relatives/attendants
4. Financial
  • Details of health insurance confirmation (if applicable) – Guarantee of Payment from insurance firm
  • Government grant for your treatment if any
  • Financial arrangements and mode of payment
  • Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks for making direct payments
  • Wire transfer details if transferring money through bank to Hospital account
  • Bank statement of patient in select cases
  • Need for currency exchange

c. Arrival and Admissions Stage

  • Ensure that you carry the required medical records, details of past tests etc.
  • Arrival – Flight no / date / city: For Airport Transfer and also for appointment scheduling
  • Seek contact details and name of staff who would meet you at arrival area
  • Need for ambulance services, depending on patient condition. Discuss this with your doctor/executive in the hospital