Travel FAQ

When making a trip to Thailand for a medical treatment, what are the essential documents I need to carry along?

  1. Medical History/ Records/ Test reports/ Doctor referral notes/ X-rays
  2. Contact details – Residence card/ Driver’s license/ Passport copies
  3. Passport size photos – keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes
  4. Bank statement/ Details of Health insurance, if any
YELLOW FEVER -- -- -- --
TETANUS -- Tetanus -- --
DIPHTHERIA -- -- -- --
HEPATITIS A -- Hepatitis A -- --
TYPHOID -- Typhoid -- --
HEPATITIS B -- -- Hepatitis B --
RABIES -- -- Rabies --
MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS -- -- -- Meningococcal Meningitis
CHOLERA -- -- -- --
TUBERCULOSIS -- -- -- Tuberculosis
JAPANESE B ENCEPHALITIS -- -- -- Japanese B Encephalitis
MALARIA W.H.O. report malaria transmission in this country in certain areas. Prophylaxis may be recommended in some circumstances. Please consult your Doctor or Travel Clinic.
Yes, it is possible for hospitals to arrange for transfers from the airport to the hotel/hospital - usually this is a complimentary service provided by hospitals. Kindly communicate the same along with your travel schedule to the hospital and a guest relationship executive will be available at the time of your arrival. Others will intimate, if it is payable.

Yes. Most hospitals do provide assistance in this regard. Once you decide on the hospital of choice as your preferred medical travel destination, the hospital will issue a letter of invitation which will be required for processing your visa. The letter of invitation will be issued after discussions about your treatment and will have to presented at the Embassy of Thailand.

All attendants and/or family members accompanying patients to Thailand for medical treatment will be required to apply for the Medical Attendant visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the patient. A letter from the hospital will be useful here as well.

Spouse of children of the patient and blood relatives are accepted as attendants. Not more than two attendants are allowed.

  1. Passport with 6 months validity
  2. Passport size photographs
  3. Photocopy of passport
  4. Copy of online filled form
  5. Proof of Residential Address
  6. Recommendations from the home country doctor to visit particular specialized medical center for treatment
  7. Passport copy of the attendant
  8. Proof of relationship with the attendant
  9. Medical reports

Oman nationals travelling to Thailand will continue to get the one-month stay Visa on Arrival for no fees. For the two month visa, Omani citizens should apply at the Thailand Embassy in Muscat. The Tourist Visa fee is RO15 for one month.

For the other nationalities, the single entry tourist visa Thailand applied at the embassy in Muscat will cost RO15, but the same visa on arrival at the airport may cost around RO20, the sources.

The single entry tourist visa will cost RO15 while the multiple entry tourist visas will cost RO70 (valid for six months).

The single entry transit visa will cost RO12.

Medical and Medical Attendant visas can be extended at the FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) in Thailand. This depends on the condition of the patient and patients are expected to file all required medical documents for the application of the same.

Medical history reports / records / examination reports / doctor / x-ray conversion paper Contact details - residence card / driver's license / copy of passport Personal passport size photos - 10 to 15 images for different purposes Bank statements / details of health insurance, if any.

Escorts / family members accompanying the patient for treatment coming to Thailand must apply for a MEDX visa together with the patient's medical visa. A letter from the hospital will be useful in this case.

The husband, the wife / children or those who have a relationship must have a blood link with the patient. No more than two escorts are allowed.